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( I ) Abandonment by Flora-Tea
Ruban Bleu - Art Contest by WhenDarknessArrives
Tamir by Amand4
Ascension by Volinfer
Carnivourous Comics
Patreon Comic: The Lesser Of Two Evils -Page 3 by ARVEN92
Africa -Page 110 by ARVEN92
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 305 by ARVEN92
Ask the Alpha - Shedding time by FuriarossaAndMimma
Fantasy Carnivores and OC
Pallor by CyanideBite
Amber by ZjeroXytz
The soulmates by Vlcek
Flowery path by ShadowKiro
Realistic Felines
pet portrait example by SofiMXD
You said you'll be by my side by SofiMXD
Caracal Jump by HunterBeingHunted
Way to the world's edge by Zhamiska
Realistic Canines
Dog |2| - Springer spaniel by MoonTrizer
Jupiter by Kwazar
Ice look by Dragoreon
where are you now by unwieldinganarchy
Other Carnivores
yaawn by DidTheSqd
Chimera by Zhamiska
A Curious Find by Cirprius
Last of us by OrkyDorky
Reptiles Dinosaurs
Raptor by HunterBeingHunted
The King Of Birds by IlyaYungin1991
Anteosaurus Magnificus by apexpredator7
Apple and Rap, postcard by ElenPanter
Realistic canines 2
commission- Marwa by A-hoy
commission- havok by A-hoy
AT - Morgan by HowlingWolfSong
Greyhound by petanimalia


Got a group that has something to do with carnivores? Send an affiliate request!
We love our meat eating mammal, bird of prey, fish, reptile, dinosaur, and fantasy critters!


:heart: The original Carnivore- Creations club: The leading DA club of jaws, paws and claws, all creatures of the kill... All carnivores, from mild to wild. care to join? ;)

:iconcarnivore-creations: ~ :heart: welcomes u

Head of Carnivore-Creations

LEAD admin of CC

Newest Members


Please READ the rules BEFORE submitting. Thanks.


:star:HOW TO JOIN:star:
Simply press the "join this group" then "ok" button
If you get an invite from an admin press "accept"
Either way you will automatically be part of the club!
Please do not just +watch the group. If you want to become a member join properly as explained above.
This is the GORGEOUS tasty art of fellow carnivore artists, from snakes to tigers, crocodiles to wolves, ALL creatures of the kill are welcome here!

:spotlight-left: To our Awesome Members::spotlight-right:
You guys should be proud to be a carnivorous part of the Carnivore-Creations!! As the club grows and develops, hopefully we should be the best and most loved carnivorous DA group ever!
Be active and share some of your work with us, you will get alot more views!:la:





:bulletred: It must be your work.
:bulletorange: Limit your submissions to 2 per week.
:bulletyellow: Sexual, graphically violent, or other alarming content is not permitted.
:bulletgreen: You must be a member to post and your submission MUST be carnivore related.
:bulletblue: We accept both digital, traditional, and photography of carnivores for our gallery.
:bulletpurple: NO FAN ART PERIOD! including from movies, series, books, games, or manga There are WildSpiritWolf, TLK & BBA Comics fan clubs and more set up for those deviations.
:bulletpink: Submit artwork to proper folders.
:bulletwhite: If you are unsure which folder your work should go in, or contains a variety of carnivores you can submit it to features.
:bulletred: We do not accept character sheets or unfinished work.

:confused:HAVE QUESTIONS OR CRITIQUES?:typerhappy:
Leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible ^^
Greetings fellow carnivore lovers! :)

This is ARVEN92, with updates on the Secret Santa we promised you!

I know it is a bit late, and I really apologize for that. But if the Deviants who accepted to participate are still willing to take part in it, we would be ready to start!

The rules

Here are the rules for the secret Santa of the group:

-Each deviant will be assigned a person (s)he will receive a drawing from, and a person (s)he should draw for
-Since the Secret Santa has started later than usual, there won't be any time limit close by, so take all the time you need to draw.
-Feel free to contact your Secret Santa partners. I, ARVEN92, will make sure everyone who gave me their approval will be informed.
-The theme is, of course, based on Carnivores! Each Deviant shall draw art of their fellow's favourite carnivore, and receive art of their own favourite carnivore.
You may choose any existing or fantastic animals, that fits the folders of the group: Canines, Felines, Fantasy animals, and all the other carnivores
-Please follow the rules of the group! NO FAN ART of existing franchises (see the Lion King, Balto, Wolf's rain, etc.), although OC's are admitted.
-The theme of Christmas or winter can also be used. After all, this is a Secret Santa! :D
-Enjoy yourselves!

So, here follows the list of people who had previously agreed on joining the Secret Santa. Thanks to Lordfell for the help, we have split them into groups, depending on who they shall draw for, and who shall draw for them.
If anyone has changed their mind about joining the Secret Santa, or if anyone would like to join, please let me know in this journal!

Here are the pairings:

Who are they drawing for? Kaleoscope
Who is drawing for them? ChimeraChangeling

Who are they drawing for? NottheVoreFreak
Who is drawing for them? Kaleoscope

Who are they drawing for? ChimeraChangeling
Who is drawing for them? NottheVoreFreak


Who are they drawing for? WolfsECHO
Who is drawing for them? RavenStarStudio

Who are they drawing for? Di-Ess
Who is drawing for them? WolfsECHO


Who are they drawing for? :despiralsofinsanity:
Who is drawing for them? Di-Ess


Who are they drawing for? Coco-Art-92
Who is drawing for them? AniuProserpina


Who are they drawing for?AniuProserpina
Who is drawing for them?Amayensis


Who are they drawing for? Amayensis
Who is drawing for them? Coco-Art-92


Who are they drawing for? SangVarg
Who is drawing for them? SangVarg


Who are they drawing for? Music-lovinFox
Who is drawing for them? Music-lovinFox


Who are they drawing for? Phantassel
Who is drawing for them? TheCatsPupil


Who are they drawing for? TheCatsPupil
Who is drawing for them? graciegra


Who are they drawing for? Phantassel
Who is drawing for them? TheCatsPupil


Who are they drawing for? graciegra
Who is drawing for them? Phantassel

Enjoy! 8D And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Merry Christmas, :iconarven92:
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CybertechFoxArt Featured By Owner May 25, 2017  Student General Artist
I would like to apologize for the expired submissions. We are low on staff and are working to fix that issue. I took a little hiatus and ARVEN92 does not log on very often. For those of you with expired submissions, please resubmit. I apologize for the inconveniences.
DaybreaksDawn Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
My submissions expired. Is anyone still running this group?
CybertechFoxArt Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Student General Artist
I am very sorry. The group is still active, but we currently only have 2 people accepting deviations - myself and ARVEN92. We are not active everyday, so we are figuring out the best way to open staff slots to help lighten the load on us.
VoceDelBosco Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017   Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the add!

I make little creations inspired by Nature and her Spirit (in particular Woods, Forests and Mountains), from Forest Animals and other Creatures and from Pagan and ancestral traditions.
 I'm glad to join this group!
CybertechFoxArt Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Student General Artist
PSA to the bunch whose submissions expired: please resubmit them! I was away on a trip for 2 weeks, so I couldn't accept them. I am assuming the other admins were busy and couldn't accept them either. As a group, we are very sorry your submissions expired.
Mistyfoxyyy Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
W-why did you decline my art submission? 😯
CybertechFoxArt Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016  Student General Artist
Are you referring to the hyena submission? I declined it and said to resubmit it to the Other Carnivores folder because hyenas are not canines.
Mistyfoxyyy Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Mistyfoxyyy Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Found it! ^-^

Thanks for letting me join!
Mistyfoxyyy Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Urm, exactly where is this"join button"? I want to join
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